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Ferry to Germany
Ferry to Germany
Ferry to Germany

Ferry to Germany

Set sail on a ferry to Germany with DFDS and explore at your own pace, with your vehicle and without having to worry about luggage restrictions. If you’re travelling by ferry to Germany from the UK, cross the Channel and reach the German border in under 4 hours by car! Alternatively, take our Newcastle-Amsterdam ferry route and disembark in Ijmuiden, less than 3 hours’ drive to Germany.

Our Kiel port in northern Germany offers excellent access to all of Germany, including major cities such as Hamburg and Berlin. Reach Kiel with a comfortable overnight crossing from Lithuania. The Danish border is also only a short drive away.

Our Routes to Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Why visit Germany?

Germany’s landscape is unparalleled. Within an instant it varies from the dense, ancient woodlands of the Black Forest to the crystal waters of its countless lakes and rivers. Germany’s Romanesque revival castles offer flashes of ivory and gold amongst the rich green scenery and transport wanderers into the fairy tale world that Germany is famous for.

In direct contrast, Germany also offers some of the most modern cities in Europe, with metropolises like Berlin, Hamburg and Düsseldorf at the forefront of any and all cultural movements on the continent. Book your ferry to Germany with DFDS today, and get thinking about where you’re going, not how you’re getting there.

Driving in Germany

Driving in Germany

When you choose to travel by ferry with DFDS, you open the door to exploring Germany at your own pace. Driving in Germany is a unique experience, offering you the freedom to discover everything from its modern cities to its fairy tale landscapes. The country's well-maintained roads and Autobahns make it easy to reach a variety of destinations, including the vibrant metropolises of Berlin, Hamburg, and Düsseldorf. Plus, our crossings linking Germany with Lithuania means you can take your journey even further afield!

Take advantage of the ferry routes offered by DFDS, such as the Newcastle-Amsterdam route, which disembarks in Ijmuiden, less than a three-hour drive to Germany. Or choose our ferry routes to France providing excellent access to Germany’s southwestern border.


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