Couple on deck - Summer - Rediscover Freedom

Rediscover Freedom

Space & fresh air: ingredients for a great journey

As we prepare to welcome you back onboard, take a look below at all the measures we are taking to ensure your wellbeing, and rediscover the freedom of ferry travel with DFDS soon.


Before you travel, we recommend that you always follow the recommendations set by the health organisations in your country.

  • Stay home if you feel unwell
  • Respect social distancing
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Follow the guidelines set by local authorities
On Deck - Space


All ships are large and unlike other forms of transport have plenty of room onboard, including spacious outside decks. Passenger capacity is reduced to limit the number of people on board at any one time.

Fresh Air

Fresh air

A continuous supply of fresh air is pumped through the ships’ air supply systems, no recycled air is used at all. Outside decks are also open for that all-important sea breeze.

Social distance

Social Distancing

  • Capacity adjusted according to risk assessment so social distancing can be maintained
  • Early & staggered boarding and disembarkation procedures, to reduce congestion of passengers boarding at the same time
  • Social distancing enforced on board and in accordance with Maritime Regulations
  • Clear markings and signage in high footfall areas to assist with Social Distancing
  • Information Points and tills will have Plexi Glass in place for the safety of our passengers and crew
  • Point of sale queues are marked with signage on what to do and where to stand
  • Announcements over the ships PA system to reinforce the social distancing message and hand washing practices
  • Stairways between the car deck and passenger areas will be marked for social distancing. Please respect everyone’s space when using them
Hand sanitiser - Cleaning


  • Please wash your hands or use available sanitizer when boarding or moving around the ship. Regular usage will help protect everyone
  • Hand sanitizers available in terminals and onboard in signed areas
  • Hand wash soap available in all toilets
  • Regular touchpoint cleaning will happen during your crossing and we have enhanced cleaning routines after the crossing and in cabins
  • The cabins are cleaned thoroughly after every stay, in accordance with the Covid-19 guidelines
Terminal check in - social distancing

Boarding, disembarkation & terminals

  • Staggered boarding and disembarkation procedures to enable social distancing
  • Plexiglass will be in place at check-in points for safety.
  • Hand sanitizers available and signage in place
  • Crew and Staff who assist you will be wearing masks if no Plexi Glass
  • Toilets will be open. But local rules may be in place so please follow the signed instructions
  • Guidance for passengers to remain in their cars whilst waiting to be loaded
Coffee - Cafes onboard - Social distancing

Bars, coffee shops & restaurants

  • Seating arranged to facilitate social distancing according to Maritime Regulations 
  • Food offerings will be limited 
  • Passenger numbers will be limited to the number of available seats. No standing will be allowed if seats are full and no dancing is permitted 
  • Hand sanitizers available at entrance, which passengers will be asked to use on arrival 
  • Crew will collect glasses and food trays 
  • Crew will wear masks when serving food in restaurants if the distance rules cannot be kept 
  • Food trays will be cleaned after use and sanitized 
  • Tables sanitized regularly 
  • Buzzers in order and collect restaurants will be sanitized after every use 
  • Coffeshops: Only disposable cups and packaging will be used, food will be prepacked
Shopping - Distance measures


  • Plexi glass will be in place at Shop Till points
  • Hand sanitizers must be used before entering
  • No handling of articles whilst browsing
  • Card payment preferred but cash will be accepted
  • Goods to be placed in bag by crew
  • Restricted number of shoppers in the shop at any time
  • No tasting, sampling will occur
  • Perfume testers will be restricted and may not be available
  • Shops will have a marked queuing area by the tills and at entrance
  • There will be marked entrance and exit to the shop
Entertainment - New Measures


  • No casino tables or gambling rooms will be in operation
  • Gambling machines (if open) are cleaned regularly and spaced according to the Maritime Regulation. 
  • Children’s entertainment will only be available where social distancing can be achieved 
  • Children’s soft play areas will be closed 
  • The cinema will be closed on King Seaways. It will be open as normal with social distancing measures in place on Princess Seaways.

Premium Lounge - New Measures

Premium Lounge

  • Crew to wear masks when serving passengers if social distancing cannot be kept
  • Hand sanitizers available at entrance, which passengers will be asked to use
  • Restricted number of guests to ensure social distancing rules are followed
  • Food and drink to be served by crew
Terminal check in - social distancing

Face masks

  • To ensure the wellbeing of both our guests and staff on board, we have introduced a route wide face covering policy for passengers. 
  • All guests must continue to wear face coverings onboard, on all UK-France routes
  • All guests must wear a face covering at check-in, whilst boarding, during disembarkation and whilst moving around our spacious vessels. This applies for both foot and car passengers, as well as freight drivers. 
  • Face coverings do not need to be worn when guests are in their cabins or whilst social distancing on outside decks. 
  • There will also be specific announcements broadcast through the ships public address system with advice relating to local government requirements. 
  • Customer-facing staff wear face masks or visors when not protected by plexiglass screens.
  • Copenhagen-Frederikshavn-Oslo: As of 29 November 2021 use of face coverings a requirement on this route.