Help us drive out breast cancer

DFDS Pink trailer

DFDS joins the fight against breast cancer

We are starting a CSR initiative supporting breast cancer research projects.

DFDS supports the fight against breast cancer all over Europe

Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer among women, with widespread side effects to their families. To make a big difference against such a challenge, we have activated a pink DFDS trailer as our first initiative.

  • For every 10km it drives, DFDS will donate 1€ to a research project fighting breast cancer.

Drive attention to the cause

The pink trailer will do much more than carry your cargo. It will help drive awareness and attention to the fight against breast cancer – as well as clearly showing the difference you are making.

  • When you spot it, please share it on social media #PinkDFDS

DFDS trucks on a road

Join the fight

For every 10km the pink DFDS trailer drives, we will donate 1€ to a research project fighting breast cancer. When you book a shipment with us, you support the fight against breast cancer.

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