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Côte D’Opale

See how our new ship, the Côte D’Opale, is shaping up!

This year we will welcome the Côte D’Opale into the Channel family and with just a few months to go until her maiden voyage, she is coming along nicely.

RÅformat Figura DFDS0268 Deck 8 Light House Premium Lounge

February Update: Dining Onboard

As Chinese New Year fell on our production yard in Weihai, those working on the Côte d'Opale got a well-deserved rest. Their hard work means the ship is almost 90% complete.

As one of the largest ships on the channel, the Côte d'Opale is well equipped for post-covid travel.

Passengers will receive an inclusive meal on every crossing in restaurants set up for socially distanced dining. For light bites, the Lighthouse Café will offer sandwiches, bean-to-cup coffee and too good to resist cakes! French dishes such as Magret de Canard and Tartiflette will be available in our 7 Seas restaurant, as well as classic options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For an exclusive experience, the Premium Lounge is a relaxing space with complimentary refreshments, prosecco and stunning sea views.

Our Road Kings Lounge will give drivers a filling meal and a place to rest. Premium facilities also include hot showers and a quiet lounge for drivers to sleep while they sail.

With sea-views, spacious seating and delicious dishes, you’ll be wanting to travel on the Côte d'Opale again!

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January Update: Shopping at Sea

Building started in May 2019 and there is just 15% of the build left until she is ready! Three hundred people are working on the ship to prepare her for the sea trials in May, after which the Côte D’Opale will be ready to welcome you onboard. Her 214 metres length and the capacity for 1000 passengers, will make her our longest ferry on the Channel.

The Côte D’Opale will have the largest retail space of our channel ships stretching 1,100 square metres in an open plan concept. A large atrium with a skylight will be the centrepiece of the retail experience onboard. There will be separate ‘wings’ for each product category including perfume & cosmetics, wine & spirits and technology. Duty Free will add more excitement, with huge savings on premium products available onboard.

With shopping and dining experiences to rival large shopping centres or airports, the ship will offer more space, more choice, and a unique travel experience for our valued customers.

See how our ship is shaping up and how our retail area onboard will look!

Wir freuen uns darauf, unser neues Schiff in der Ärmelkanal-Familie willkommen zu heißen. Aus diesem Grund vergleichen wir die beliebte Calais Seaways und die neue Côte D'Opale.

Die 1991 gebaute und 2013 modernisierte Calais Seaways kann 1600 Passagiere befördern und ist auf den Kanalrouten im Einsatz. Leider neigt sich die Calais Seaways dem Ende ihres Lebens und wird durch ein neues Schiff ersetzt.

Die Côte D'Opale befindet sich derzeit im Bau und ist zu 75% fertig gestellt. Es gibt keine Kabinen, sodass es mehr Platz für unsere Passagiere geben wird. Unser brandneuer Duty Free-Shop, Restaurants, die Premium Lounge und der Road Kings-Bereich exklusiv für unsere Lkw-Fahrer werden an Bord zur Verfügung stehen.

Zudem wird Sie auch umweltfreundlicher sein. Ihre Dieselmotoren werden weniger Kraftstoff verbrauchen und ihre schlanke Rumpfform wird zwei Propeller antreiben, die dem Schiff eine Dienstgeschwindigkeit von 20-22 Knoten verleihen.

Wir freuen uns darauf, Sie im Sommer 2021 an Bord begrüßen zu dürfen.

Technische Daten:

Calais Seaways Côte D’Opale
Länge: 163m Length: 214m
Breite: 28m Width: 27.8m
Fahrgeschwindigkeit: 18 knots Cruising speed:20-22 knots
Passagierkapazität: 1600 Passenger capacity: 1000 in current configuration.
PKW-Kapazität: 1745 lane Meters Car capacity: 3100 lane Meters.
Triebwerke: 4 Triebwerke: 2
Baujahr: 1991 CBaujahr : 2021
Aktualisiert: 2013 x
Flagge: Frankreich Flagge: Frankreich
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