Move cold goods with confidence

Refrigerated Transport

Move cold goods with confidence
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Delivering fresh throughout Europe

In the world of refrigerated transport, there is no such thing as margin for error. Pick up and delivery must occur on schedule, and precise conditions throughout transit must be maintained. With modern equipment and experienced drivers, we offer reliable refrigerated transport services throughout our expansive European network. From meat and seafood, to chemicals and pharmaceuticals, we have the refrigerated transport system to deliver your goods as you expect them, everytime.

Expansive coverage

Expansive coverage

Cutting-edge equipment

Cutting-edge equipment

Innovative infrastructure

Innovative infrastructure

Expert Personnel

Expert Personnel

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Expansive coverage

We provide a variety of daily refrigerated transport options for locations throughout Europe. With complete coverage of Western Europe and Scandinavia, we offer transport of full and part loads to and from the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Additionally, our large network allows us to provide daily refrigerated transport services for customers in Spain, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Italy and the Balkans.

Warehouse equipment

Cutting-edge equipment

With an ultramodern fleet of over 800 refrigerated trailers, we offer a range of solutions unmatched by most refrigerated transport companies. Our dual evaporator trailers feature multi-compartment temperature control, so you can move different goods at different temperatures within a single shipment. Specially fitted for efficient meat transport, our trailers with meat hook rails enable secure loading, unloading and transport of whole carcasses and other meat products. For further flexibility, we also offer RORO trailers for both accompanied or unaccompanied ferry transport, as well as Hückepack trailers for efficient intermodal transport.

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Expert personnel

Understanding what’s at stake when transporting temperature-controlled goods, our refrigerated transport services are operated only by highly skilled personnel with vast expereince in the cold chain industry. From warehouse employees to chauffeurs, our entire refrigerated transport staff is specially trained in temperature monitoring, sanitary practices and the overall handling of cold goods. Combining top-class knowhow with proven processes, you can be certain your cold goods are in the right hands with our refrigerated transport system.

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Food logistics

When it comes to food logistics, the clock is always ticking on freshness. Our diverse fleet of refrigerated transport options handles meat, seafood, dairy, produce, and other temperature-controlled food products.

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Truck and trailer cross-docking

Cold storage facilities

Our cold storage facilities are optimized to preserve goods for both short and long periods of time. Also, our cross-docking facilities can provide rapid transfers between trailers to ensure your cold goods reach their destination in pristine condition.

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We understand the key role packaging plays in logistics, therefore, we limit your transport costs, reduce cleaning expenses, and take the hassle out of packaging so you can focus on other areas of your business.

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