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A guide to the Champagne-Ardenne region

-H1- A guide to the Champagne-Ardenne region

A guide to the Champagne-Ardenne region

Sitting at the border with the Alsace and Lorraine regions, Champagne-Ardenne brims with history, culture and, of course, world-renowned wine cellars.

Not far from Belgium, the Champagne wine region is home to a unique gastronomic scene, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, spectacular architecture and beautiful nature spots. Fancy a relaxing getaway? Explore our guide to the best places to visit and stay in Champagne-Ardenne.

-H2- Getting around Champagne-Ardenne

Getting around Champagne-Ardenne

The best way to get around the Champagne-Ardenne region is by car. Follow the Champagne trail, winding through vineyards and picturesque villages nestled among the rolling hills.

This 250-mile-long signposted route takes you through the capital of the Champagne region, Reims, and the spectacular Montagne de Reims. Vallée de la Marne and Côte des Blancs are next on your itinerary, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding vineyards.

There is also a rail network along the Marne Valley, passing through Épernay, Châlons-en-Champagne and Vitry-le-François

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Where is the Champagne region of France?

The champagne-producing region is located in northeastern France, less than two hours from Paris. Most vineyards are found in Reims and Épernay and are firm favourites among tourists.

Travelling from the UK? Sail on our Dover to Calais, Dover to Dunkirk or Newhaven to Dieppe crossing for convenient access to Champagne-Ardenne. From our French ports, it’s under a 4-hour drive to reach the wine region.

-H2- History of the Champagne region of France

History of the Champagne region of France

France’s Champagne region was formed in 1956 and initially comprised four departments: Aube, Ardennes, Haute-Marne and Marne. In 2016, it merged with the Alsace and Lorraine regions, shaping what is today known as the ‘Grand Est’.

The region is famous for its prestigious cellars and beautiful vineyards, making it a haven for sparkling wine lovers. Rated among France’s best wine regions, Champagne-Ardenne boasts more than 70,000 acres of vineyards across 320 villages.

From Reims’s southern-facing grapes that promise power and character to the fresh and delicate wines of Côte des Blancs, there’s something to suit everyone.

-H2- Spend time in Troyes
-H2- Marvel at Reims Cathedral
-H2- Stroll along the Avenue de Champagne

Things to do in Champagne-Ardenne

From majestic castles to glorious swathes of countryside, Champagne-Ardenne is a real treasure trove. Here are some of the best things to do.

Marvel at Reims Cathedral

There is no Reims without its beautiful cathedral. The magnificent 13th-century building resembles Paris’s Notre Dame thanks to its Gothic architecture. It was dedicated to the Virgin Mardy and has been the coronation location for every French king.

Spend time in Troyes

A stone’s throw from the Orient Forest Regional Natural Park, Troyes is one of Champagne-Ardenne's crowning jewels. Its cobbled streets and timbered buildings will take you back to the 16th century when the town was built. Highlights include Troyes Cathedral and the Modern Art Museum.

Visit Sedan Castle

After its completion during the mid-16th century, Sedan Castle became Europe’s largest feudal fortress. Today, it houses a hotel, museum and exciting events like falconry demonstrations, jousting tournaments and medieval duels.

Stroll along the Avenue de Champagne

You can’t visit the Champagne-Ardenne region without strolling through the Avenue de Champagne in Épernay. This six-mile street is located on a historic trade route between France and Germany, making it an attractive destination for champagne merchants. It became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015 thanks to its contribution to the history of champagne.

-H2- The best vineyards in the Champagne-producing region

The best vineyards in the Champagne-producing region

Fruity, fresh and bubbly, it’s no wonder champagne is so widely loved. There’s nothing better than tasting it in one of Champagne-Ardenne's vineyards. Below are some of the best in the region.

Champagne Taittinger, Reims

Taittinger regularly ranks among France’s best champagne vineyards, and it’s no surprise. The chalk cellars house millions of bottles that undergo fermentation and ageing. Guided tours run throughout the day and last about an hour.

Champagne Barnaut, Bouzy

Champagne Barnaut opened in 1874 and has been making wine for six generations. The vineyard produces champagne in an authentic and diverse way, from the superb Grande Réserve Brut Grand Cru to the Blanc de Blancs Brut.

Champagne Pommery, Reims

Champagne Pommery is a 360-degree experience in the world of champagne-making. Madame Pommery wanted the wine cellars to look like an art gallery, bold and theatrical. Tour the underground art exhibition and 120-acre estate, a delight in its own right.

-H2- Where to stay in Champagne-Ardenne

Where to stay in Champagne-Ardenne

Looking for a place to stay? We’ve rounded up some of the best hotels in the Champagne region.

Logis Hôtel Clos de Mutigny

Located in Chaussée-sur-Marne, between Reims and Troyes, Logis Hôtel Clos de Mutigny is a brilliant 3-star hotel and restaurant. It was owned by French illustrator André des Gachons, who added eccentric, colourful touches. All rooms enjoy stunning woodland and river views.

Hôtel de la Vinaigrerie

This 3-star hotel is another favourite among visitors. Conveniently located between the Marne River and the Champagne-Bourgogne Canal in Joinville, Hôtel de la Vinaigrerie benefits from superb access to the Champagne countryside. There are plenty of activities nearby, including paddling, canoeing and fishing.

La Villa Eugène

Located on the famous Avenue de Champagne in Épernay, La Villa Eugène boasts luxurious rooms, a heated outdoor pool and a conservatory. Visitors have the Montagne de Reims Regional Nature Park on their doorstep.

La Réserve de l’Aube

If you’re looking for unconventional accommodation, La Réserve de l’Aube could be right for you. There are no rooms here but wooden cocoons in geometric shapes. The concept behind this is to connect visitors with the beautiful Aube landscape.

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