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Your Essential Travel Guide To Dunkirk

Sightseeing in Dunkirk - credit CUD
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Discover Things To Do In Dunkirk

Dunkirk is the northernmost town in France and France's third largest port, just six miles from the Belgium border. Its close links with Belgium are even evident in its name which comes from the Flemish words for “dune” and “church”.

Discover stunning scenery along the coastline and long sandy beaches. Although much of the town centre was destroyed in the war and subsequently rebuilt, old parts do remain and are worth taking the time to explore. For example, the magnificent 58 metre belfry dates back to 1440.

Cuisine plays as important role, and you’ll find a distinctive Flemish influence. A popular dish here is coq à la bière - chicken in a creamy beer sauce.

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Image Credits: CUD and Ville de Gravelines

Kites on the beach - credit Ville de Grand
Dunes in Dunkirk - credit Ville de Bray

What to see in Dunkirk?

Dunkirk beaches are a popular spot for kite-surfers, sand-surfers, and windsurfers. The city is also great for hiking, cycling, kayaking and golf.

The coastline is the site of one of the most significant events of the Second World War - during a 9-day operation in 1940, over 340,000 French and British soldiers were rescued from advancing German troops.

Visit Dunkirk War Museum which tells the story of this rescue mission. The Dunkirk Town Cemetery also includes an extensive war memorial.

Head to Dunkirk’s belfry for a stunning panoramic view. You can also visit the Museé des Beaux-Arts with its collection of French art or the Museé Portuaire, which details harbour life in the city.

The famous Dunkirk’s carnival runs from mid-January to late March and includes over 40 street parades with marching bands, competitions, music, traditional food and drink.

Image Credits: Ville de Bray and Ville de Grand

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