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Christmas in Gothenburg

Gothenburg Christmas Markets

Christmas in Gothenburg - markets


Wonderful Christmas scenes with 5 million lights will hit the Swedish capital of Gothenburg this winter. The Lisberg amusement park will bring you to the biggest Christmas fair, offering home-made sweets, roasted almonds and hot chocolate. Here you can buy original Christmas decorations, wreaths, decorated candles and festive treats. You won't have to worry about finding a gift for your loved ones - you'll have plenty to choose from.

One of the biggest Christmas fairs is in Tjolöholm Castle, West Sweden and will take place in November. Many events including light art installations, Christmas concerts and shows will attract both Gothenburg residents and visitors throughout November and December.

Christmas in Gothenburg - rides at Liseberg Park

Christmas Fairs

  • The Christmas Fair in Tjolöholm Castle will bring many merchants together for a special Christmas program. Children are invited to bring their Christmas gift list and have fun with Santa's elves.
  • The Hague Old Town Fair in Nygata Street will bring commercial kiosks with local handmade products for sale. You can also visit the cosy antique boutiques and designer shops.
  • Many cafes will be serving aromatic coffee, ginger biscuits (pepparkakor) and Lucia buns flavoured with spices and saffron.
  • Design and Craft Fair Á La London is a non-traditional fair where you won't find Santa Claus and Christmas food, but you will definitely find original gifts made by the best contemporary artists and designers.
Christmas in Gothenburg - Liseberg

Christmas in Liseberg Park

Liseberg Park is one of the most beautiful and ornate corners of the city, attracting visitors from all over Sweden and tourists from other countries.

Santa Claus will also be at the theme park this Christmas and you can see the elves at the gift making machines. Everywhere smells of hot wine and almonds. Magic!

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