DSCF2107 150 Jubilee Klaipeda
Several thousand gathered under blue skies when Jubilee Seaways made her debut in Klaipeda, Lithuania.
3C0A9855 150, Jubilee, Trafalgar Square
Jubilee Seaways, officially the #WorldsBiggestLEGOShip, made an appearance on Trafalgar Square in London. She carried a 2 meter, 70 kilo LEGO Christmas tree onboard, since DFDS ships the real Christmas tree from Norway to Trafalgar Square every year.
DFDS Lego Ship 04 150, Jubilee, Trafalgar Square, children
The Guinness World Record Largest LEGO Ship, Jubilee Seaways, thrilled a group of children on Trafalgar Square in London in November.
DSCF1485 150, Jubilee, Athena Seaways
The #WorldsBiggestLEGOShip arriving on Athena Seaways in Klaipeda in September.
children - france 150, Jubilee, France, children
Kids in France enjoyed the #WorldsBiggestLEGOShip!
DSCF1678 150, Jubilee, Vilnius
There were fireworks in Vilnius when they revealed the #WorldsBiggestLEGOShip to those gathered on the main square.
dieppe crowd 150, Jubilee, Dieppe
Jubilee Seaways attracted quite a crowd in Dieppe!
coloured ships 150, Coloring competition, Calais/Dieppe, entries
Entries in the colouring competition in Calais and Dieppe.
150 DFDS kite
A DFDS kite!
14289887 641612209345649 2941639053395368719 o 150, Coloring competition, Calais/Dieppe
Colouring competition in Calais and Dieppe.
Routemap LegoShip 09 2016
Jubilee Seaways, our world record LEGO ship, has embarked on a journey that lasts through the end of the year, visiting DFDS terminals and locations around Northern Europe. Chances are she’s going to be stopping near you.
A version of Jubilee Seaways, the World's Largest LEGO Ship, for you (and your kids) to colour in! Just download, print and get colouring!
DFDS LEGO Ship Jubilee Seaways
Christopher Lynch, an official adjudicator from Guinness World Records, worked with surveyor Atle Ellefsen of DNV-GL to take the official measurements (12.035m) and declare Jubilee Seaways the World's Largest LEGO Ship and officially amazing!
Fridayfunfact Linkedin and Instagram, 150, Moved by people
How many passengers do we transport on our ships on an average day? It's 17,078 passengers! We handle 107,539 lane metres of freight daily too! All this is only possible due to our dedicated employees, our business partners and our wonderful passengers.
DFDS LEGO Ship 009 (T-126) 150, Jubilee launch
Director of the Lauritzen Fund, Inge Grønvold officially named Jubilee Seaways, the World's Largest LEGO Ship on August 17, 2016 at the DFDS Terminal in Copenhagen. She even used a special LEGO champagne bottle to mark the occasion.
Captain fb 150, Captain
Taking the helm of any DFDS vessel for the last 150 years, the captain is ultimately responsible for the well being of passengers and crew members. Thanks to all of them, and all of you, we continue to sail ahead towards new horizons.
Friday Fun Fact - caravans, 150, Caravans
During the summer season, DFDS vessels shift to moving thousands of caravans across the channel for summer trips from Manchester to Paris and all around. Speaking of Paris, one way to measure the length of the many caravans is in Eiffel Towers. :-)
3Freight Linkedin 150, 3 in 1 freighter
Freight Ships #MovedByOurHeritage
DFDS 150 Coaster
For the past 150 years, DFDS has been moving people and their bottles around the world – even giving them the opportunity to enjoy a cold brew on board. On our Amsterdam-Newcastle route alone, we served 335,583 liters of ice cold beer in 2015.
3in1 Ship 150, 3 in 1 Passenger ship
Passenger Ships #MovedByOurHeritage