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DFDS has issued corporate bonds in the Norwegian bond market as a part of the Group’s financial strategy of diversifying the loan portfolio.

2019 2023 2023
Name DFDS A/S 19/24 FRN DFDS A/S 23/26 FRN DFDS A/S 23/28 FRN
ISIN NO0010853260 NO0012864539 NO0012864547
Amount 400.000.000 500.000.000
Currency NOK NOK NOK
Coupon 3M NIBOR + 1.50% 3M NIBOR + 2,25% 3M NIBOR + 2,60%
Type Senior unsecured Senior unsecured Senior unsecured
Issue Date 07.06.2019 16.03.2023 16.03.2023
Maturity Date 07.06.2024 16.03.2026 16.03.2028
Listing Listed on Oslo Børs To be listed on Oslo Børs To be listed on Oslo Børs
Interest Payment Dates 7/3, 7/6, 7/9, 7/12 each year 16/3, 16/6, 16/9, 16/12 each year 16/3, 16/6, 16/9, 16/12 each year
Credit rating Scope rating: BBB- Scope rating: BBB- Scope rating: BBB-
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