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Partnerships are key to real changes

No one can do everything alone. In a world that is becoming increasingly complex, it is important for us to seek out partners and initiatives that can help develop new and better solutions. We have a long history of environmental protection partnerships and are currently forming many new ones aimed at decarbonising our industry. We work with universities, energy companies, customers, tech companies, start-ups, suppliers and competitors to transform our industry and our business to a more sustainable one.

Vision: New ways of bunkering ships at sea

The ZEEDS (Zero Emission Energy Distribution at Sea) partnership works to establish new forms of bunkering ships at sea to reduce the need for docking, and to enable faster, greener and more efficient shipping. The partnership envisions that the infrastructure of the future is composed of fuel hubs set up next to offshore wind turbines. Our partners are Aker Solutions, Equinor, Grieg Star, Kværner, Wärtsila.

Olympus Project

Sustainable fuels for road, sea and air transport

We are part of a project that aims to build a new ground-breaking hydrogen and e-fuel factory, together with Copenhagen Airports, A.P. Moller - Maersk, DSV Panalpina, SAS and Ørsted. When fully scaled-up by 2030, the project could deliver more than 250,000 tonnes of sustainable fuel for busses, trucks, maritime vessels, and airplanes every year. 

Ark Germania new

Testing zero-emission vessels

The Getting to Zero Coalition that is committed to getting commercially viable, deep-sea, zero-emission vessels into operation by 2030. It is led by the Global Maritime Forum (GMF), the Friends of Ocean Action, and the World Economic Forum. It includes more than 120 companies within the maritime, energy, infrastructure and finance sectors. We are planning to create a maritime test platform on our cargo ferry, ARK Germania. The platform will enable our partners to easily test fuel cells and solutions that are not yet mature but show great potential.

collaborating with researchers

We have partnerships outside of decarbonization

We enable researchers to conduct research at sea by giving access to data collection from our ferries. This includes partnerships with ORCA on monitoring of whales and dolphins, with The Marine Biological Association on long-term measurement of the health of marine plankton and with MARINElife on monitoring and researching cetacean and seabirds.

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Collaboration is key

We work with entrepreneurs, universities, scientists, companies, academia, NGOs, and public institutions in partnerships to develop radical, innovative, and sustainable business and financing models, and attract talented new employees.