Governance and Policies

Our initiatives for corporate governance, diversity, and remuneration are making steady progress. Policies are continuously evaluated with due consideration to current legislation, practice and recommendations. DFDS follows NASDAQ Copenhagen’s recommendations for good corporate governance.


Different skills and ways of seeing the world strengthens our ability to fulfil our vision. DFDS’ workforce should reflect the society in which we live and work. Our action plan contains specific short- and long-term initiatives. Each year, we will report on our goals and progress.


Remuneration contributes to attracting, retaining and motivating management and employees and ensuring harmony between the interests of colleagues and shareholders. Remuneration of management and staff takes place in relation to performance and results and on competitive conditions in relation to comparable companies.

Internal control

The purpose of DFDS’ internal control and risk management system, as applied in the preparation of accounts, is to efficiently control the risk of significant misinformation. The Board of Directors approves the policies for risk management prepared by the Executive Board, and the Executive Board implements processes to monitor important risks.

Code of Conduct

DFDS has a number of policies that set a framework for how we should behave in a number of areas. However, there will still be issues where laws and policies do not provide sufficient guidance. Here sound judgment should tell us how to act and as a basis for such judgment, we have the DFDS Code of Conduct to assist in solving the dilemmas that may arise from time to time.

Whistleblower system

The DFDS Compliance Line is a website managed by an independent third party, EthicsPoint, with the highest levels of security and confidentiality. It may be used to report issues safely that people feel they cannot share with their manager.

Climate & Environment Policy

Being a transport and logistics provider, we are conscious of the footprint we have – both in terms of the environment but also relating to our employees and the people we impact through our value chain. This policy contains a general framework to ensure that environmental and climate-related concerns are being prioritized throughout the entirety of our business.

Data Ethics

The digital transformation of society is progressing at a rapid pace. The use of data has become an indispensable discipline that improves society in a variety of ways. We are committed to ensuring that employees, customers and business partners can entrust us with their data. We are determined to handle data in a sustainable manner and with great care. We recognise that digital development entails both responsibility and transparency.

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DFDS has a two-tier management structure with an independent Board of Directors.

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Taking responsibility

Taking responsibility

DFDS aspires to act responsibly when we carry passangers and freight on our ships and provide transport and logistics solutions to manufacturers.