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Our Commitments

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We commit to transparency

To us, responsibility also means showing our support of what we see as important. Whether it’s collaborating with scientists, universities and NGOs or adhering to frameworks on how to do business more responsibly, we commit to doing whatever we can to make our industry more sustainable.

DFDS CEO Torben Carlsen 02 2022 30 V2 FIN

Torben Carlsen, President & CEO

“With DFDS’ climate plan, we have embarked on a journey that will gradually reduce our impact on the environment and eventually make our ships and vehicles climate neutral in 2050. We are committed to building knowledge and partnerships and allocating financial resources for this.”

DFDS Board of Directors Chair Claus Hemmingsen 02 2022 56 V2 FIN

Claus V. Hemmingsen, Chairman of the Board

“DFDS feels a great responsibility for reducing our impact on the environment and promoting a sustainable business and industry. The climate action plan is an integral part of the company’s overall strategy, committing DFDS to transparency about our efforts on all levels.

DFDS was one of the first movers in scrubber technology, which removed sulfur and other particles from exhaust gases. Low particle emissions has since become an international regulatory requirement.

DFDS has also entered into various collaborations on alternative and carbon-neutral or even carbon-free fuel development projects. These are cost-incurring and complicated developments which the Board has both challenged and applauded.”

influencing the industry

Influencing the industry with our maritime peers

DFDS is working towards strong industry standards via active engagement in different fora and channels.

As one of two Danish shipping companies, we are part of the European Sustainable Shipping Forum (ESSF). This group promotes structured dialogue, technical knowledge exchange, cooperation, and coordination between relevant maritime industry stakeholders and the EU Commission. We also participate in the IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC). We are also active members of relevant national shipowners’ organisations, especially in Denmark and the UK. Collectively, shipowners’ voices are represented in ECSA (European Community Shipowners’ Associations). Lastly, we chair the Green Ship of the Future, an independent non-profit organisation driven and financed by the members who want to explore the road towards emission-free maritime transport.

DFDS Cold chain warehouse

Responsible Procurement Program & Supply chain sustainability

We at DFDS aim to impact our supply chain through promoting; human rights, environmental care, good labor practices and ethics. All being an enablers for Supply chain sustainability, which is an integral part of DFDS Responsible Procurement Program. We have been a Member of IMPA ACT since 2015, a program to ensure a high standard of shipping suppliers in term of sustainability. In 2022 we also partnered with EcoVadis, a leading company in providing supply chain sustainability assessment and rating. This partnership will help us monitor and take initiatives to improve supply chain ESG impact.

DFDS traffic leader

Our policies provide clear guidance

Providing maritime transport and logistics services means we are in close contact with people. It is a priority for us to pay attention to respecting human rights through clear policies designed to influence and determine all major decisions, actions, and activities within their boundaries. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment. Our key policies include a Code of Conduct, Diversity & Inclusions, Health & Safety and more.