Drivers and operational staff

Move things on

Keep things moving and enjoy the freedom and satisfaction of delivering when it matters.

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about/career-driver, Card 1 We move things on

We move things on, together

You know the road. Together, we keep the wheels turning.

about/career-driver, Card 2 Meet work on your own terms

Meet work on your own terms

We know you’ll get the job done, so you decide how to structure your own time.

about/career-driver, Card 3 A growing fleet

A growing fleet of best-in-class

We constantly invest in our fleet, because it takes best-in-class trucks and equipment to deliver worldclass service and solutions.

Mike Jacob Dahl, Truck driver, Hobro, Denmark

"Our trucks and equipment are state-of-the-art and well-maintained. It's always a pleasure to get in a truck where everything just works."

about/career-driver, Mike Dahl

Anneke Klaver, Truck Driver, Winterswijk, The Netherlands

"The best thing about my job is the freedom you feel when the asphalt slides underneath you."

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Ihar Batura, Truck driver, Zanarach, Belarus

"I love my job at DFDS because they also value me as a person. I like how I communicate with my office - always very helpful, attentive, and fast. And I like that I have all kinds of courses on schedule. You are not in doubt that DFDS feels responsible for all its employees."

about/career-driver, Ihar Batura