Working at sea is a lifestyle

Working at sea is a lifestyle. That’s what Trine believes, and whilst she tells us about her work she really convinced us.

It’s time to visit our passenger ferry crews.

Up to 2,000 passengers on board

Our camera ‘travelled’ to the Copenhagen-Oslo ferry route, on which we welcome up to 2,000 passengers for an overnight cruise to the beautiful ports of Copenhagen or Oslo. We met Trine Skibelund Kristensen, who has made working on board her lifestyle for the last 13 years and has worked on seven different ships. “I love being on board and working hard for a couple of weeks. Afterwards I have 14 days off, so I go home and have lots of time to enjoy being with friends and family,” she says.

150-man strong crew

Taking the ferry is a relaxing way of travelling for many passengers, who leave their hectic daily life behind to enjoy a delicious dinner, great wines and live music, or treat themselves to new clothes or gifts. The crew looks after the passengers during their cruise and Trine is responsible for hiring the right people: “I’m Business Leader HR and responsible for hiring staff for various departments on our two ferries, from catering to the galley, shop, accommodation, restaurant, bar, service and conference. It’s quite interesting, as we have about 150 staff on board each ferry.”

150-man strong crew

Never a dull moment

“There’s never a dull moment. On CROWN SEAWAYS we organise the Rock Cruise. It’s one of the big draws on the route and this year we are celebrating its tenth anniversary. Every concert really creates a great vibe on board. There are many fans of the band, having a great time and getting to meet their heroes. And so did I, as this picture of me and Mads Langer proves.”

“The marketing department once asked me to contribute to one of their projects, and why wouldn’t I do that?

Rock cruise, Trine

“My photo is now proudly displayed on a bus that drives through my own country. Isn’t that great?”

Trine Kristensen van

“I love the atmosphere among my colleagues. We always have so much fun and we are all trying to achieve the same thing – creating a relaxing and enjoyable cruise for our passengers,” says Trine.

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