A new 5-year agreement paves the way for further reduction of emissions

Danish Crown and DFDS enter into a historic multi-year partnership agreement that includes an intensified commitment to – jointly – ensure the transition to CO2-neutral transport. The agreement also includes the immediate deployment of six additional electric trucks.

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The new agreement builds on the existing partnership where DFDS provides logistics and freight services to Danish Crown across their European operations, including transport to the UK via DFDS' freight ferries.

A central part of the five-year agreement is a commitment from both parties to reduce the CO2 footprint. This agreement is based on many years of cooperation and ongoing innovation projects.

"We are pleased with the trust that Danish Crown is showing us with the conclusion of the agreement. It is a multi-year partnership, which among other things, is a prerequisite for effectively reducing CO2 emissions. We will immediately deploy more electric trucks and trailers in Danish Crown's logistics network. Then we will continue collaborating with Danish Crown on developing innovative solutions and processes that can pave the way for further reductions,” says Torben Carlsen, CEO of DFDS.

The agreement has an estimated value of up to five billion Danish kroner during the agreement period. As something new, a small part of the contract amount is earmarked for projects that can reduce the climate footprint from the transport of Danish Crown's products.

"It is crucial that our partners are committed to the green transition and invest in solutions that can help reduce the climate footprint of our products' journey from the farm to the fork. DFDS is very active in the testing and implementing new transport solutions, so we look forward to continuing our long-standing partnership," says Jais Valeur, Group CEO of Danish Crown.

Danish Crown wants to take the lead in ensuring a sustainable transition of food production and producing climate-neutral food by 2050. Therefore, the Group and DFDS are continuously working on several efforts to find solutions to ensure more sustainable logistics. As part of the agreement, six electric trucks and several electric trailers will be deployed. In doing so, Danish Crown joins the extensive Nordic network of electric trucks currently being implemented by DFDS. The electric trucks will travel across Danish Crown's network and will be a crucial component in the overall reduction of Danish Crown's transport emissions.

"As we continue our efforts to reduce the footprint of refrigerated transport, it is essential to emphasise the value of long-term partners such as the one we have with Danish Crown. The partnership allows for immediate initiatives to lower emissions while also allowing us to design longer-term solutions to ensure that we move towards zero emissions," says Martin Gade Gregersen, Deputy EVP & Head of Cold Chain Logistics in DFDS.

The combination of electric refrigerated trailers and electric trucks enables Danish Crown to create a fully electric mode of transport and will build on the above-mentioned pilot project.

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