Freight up 50% due to lockdowns in 2020

DFDS reports monthly ferry volumes for freight and passengers to provide additional insight into the development of volume trends in DFDS’ European route network.

Primula seaways

Volumes for April 2021

Ferry – freight: Total volumes in April 2021 were 49.8% above 2020. Net adjustments for structural route changes reduced growth 0.6 ppt to 49.2%.

The extraordinary volume growth in April 2021 vs 2020 was due to the significant volume reductions in April 2020 caused by lockdowns related to Covid-19. Volumes in April 2021 were 13.4% above April 2019 adjusted for structural route changes.

The underlying volume growth in April 2021 continued the positive momentum from March 2021 in all business areas. April volumes were lower than in March due to the seasonal variation caused by Easter.

Ferry – passenger: The total number of passengers in April 2021 was on level with 2020. This reflects the negative impact of travel restrictions related to Covid-19 in both periods. In the Baltic Sea, passenger numbers were above 2020.

Peder Gellert, EVP and Head of Ferry Division, says: “The key takeaway from our April volume report is that the positive momentum in freight markets during the last few months is continuing. The extraordinary 50% increase in freight ferry volumes is of course mostly a result of the volume drops caused by the lockdowns in 2020. Our passenger volumes were on level with 2020 which means that we are bottoming out and now eagerly waiting for travel restrictions to be eased so we all can start travelling again in larger numbers.”

DFDS’ ferry routes enable trade and travel in and around Europe. Click on the link to see a map of the entire network.

The May volume report is expected to be published on 11 June 2021.

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