Arrival of 650 new trailers at DFDS Logistics to boost customer growth

We are very excited about the arrival of the first shipment of 650 new trailers from Krone at DFDS Logistics.

Arrival of 650 new trailers at DFDS Logistics

The order adds 400 Mega Trailers and 250 Hückepack Euroliners to our road fleet, all of which will operate on primary routes throughout the UK, Continent, Nordics and Baltics.

It’s a significant upgrade to our European Equipment Pool that will bolster our transport capabilities and help us continue to expand our service. An investment for both today and tomorrow, the new trailers will also be great for our supply chains and help us stay on top of increasing customer demand.

The new trailers will soon be in service and available for booking on routes between the UK and the Continent, UK and Nordics, Nordics and Continent and more. We look forward to seeing the trailers in action and an increase in our customer base.

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