Coop and DFDS join forces to decarbonise heavy transport

10 electric trucks will deliver goods to 365discount, Kvickly/SuperBrugsen and Brugsen supermarkets in Jutland, Denmark after Coop and DFDS have entered into a new strategic partnership.

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From 1 February 2024, DFDS will be responsible for the distribution of groceries from Coop's warehouse in Aalborg, Aalborg Distribution Centre, and meat, fruit & vegetables and other fresh produce from the warehouse in Aarhus, Hasselager Ferskvarecenter.

"At Coop, we have a very ambitious climate plan, where by 2025 we will have reduced CO2 emissions from our operating activities by 75 per cent compared to 2019. Therefore, we are pleased that we have entered into this long-term agreement with DFDS as part of our climate strategy," says Jakob Birk, CEO, Coop Logistics.

"At DFDS, we strive to minimise the environmental impact of refrigerated transport and electric trucks represents a significant step towards decarbonising our customers’ supply chains. The etruck has zero tailpipe emissions, and we aim to secure electricity from renewable sources to be able to offer a zero-emission solution. It is crucial to emphasise the importance of collaborations like this one with Coop as we collectively work towards the realisation of our customers climate goals," says Anders Mikael Christensen, Vice President, Logistics, Nordics Cold.

DFDS currently have more than 60 electric trucks in the company’s global fleet. In Denmark, DFDS has 45 electrical refrigerated trailers in operation. When the COOP contract takes effect, DFDS will expand to 65 electrical refrigerated trailers.

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