Copenhagen – Oslo: No quarantine for travellers from the Zealand region

COVID-19: As infection levels have decreased on Zealand, the Norwegian government has decided that the region should move from 'red' to 'yellow' status, i.e. travellers coming from the region can now enter Norway without having to be quarantined.

Due to a misunderstanding in several reports yesterday, it is important to point out that travellers residing on Zealand (or other 'yellow' areas) can travel by ferry from Copenhagen to Oslo without having to be quarantined on entry into Norway, even if they pass through the capital city region, that is 'red' and subject to the entry restrictions in Norway.

Under the Norwegian rules, foreigners are exempt from quarantine if they have travelled through the 'red' area as follows: (a) in their own vehicle or coach on their way to or from Norway, (b) have not spent the night in the area, (c) have met the requirements for social distancing and good anti-infection hygiene during the journey.

If these conditions are met, they are entitled to enter Norway under the same conditions as a foreigner who enters Norway directly from a green area.

You may be asked to give evidence that you have complied with these conditions through an oral explanation upon entry.

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