Crane investment in Ghent enables DFDS to handle more cargo

As part of its long-term strategy to grow solutions to customers, DFDS is investing in a new Kuenz rail-mounted gantry crane in Ghent.


Not only will this strategic investment support business growth, but it will also increase capacity and enable more cost-effective lifts. What's more, the crane will be powered by renewable energy from, among other things, DFDS’s solar panels. This will replace current diesel-fueled machinery and take the company one step closer to its CO2-neutrality target.

Raf De Wit, Terminal Director, said: “This is a really exciting investment for DFDS and will allow us to increase the amount of intermodal cargo we can handle. As such, we will be able to offer a safer and more productive solution for our customers.

“By continuing to invest in infrastructure and resources in Ghent we believe we can further strengthen our position and offer an even better service to our customers. We’re really excited about the future, and I am looking forward to seeing the crane in action.”

Kuenz, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cranes for various purposes, will deliver the crane by Q1 next year. Once up and running, DFDS expects to be able to handle 420 moves per day.

This is the latest in a series of investments that DFDS is making to expand its rail offering; an additional rail track was recently introduced in Ghent, taking us from three to four tracks.

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