DFDS Seaways decided to add an extra ro-pax ship to the service between Dunkerque and Dover

DFDS Seaways has decided to add an extra passenger and freight ship to our service between Dunkerque and Dover. Currently, the service is operated with three passenger and freight ships, but the interruption to the SeaFrance cross-Channel service has been causing unexpected traffic pressure on the route, and in spite of the committed efforts of our staff at sea and ashore, the current capacity on the route has not been enough to avoid unusual waiting times at check-in in Dunkerque and Dover.

It is not acceptable that our customers experience these waiting times, and for this reason we have decided to add an extra ship to the service. "The solution is based on a chartered ship that will allow us to increase sailings from a departure every other hour to departures every 1½ hours. I am confident that this solution will re-establish the normal flow and service on the route so we can eliminate unnecessary waiting times and offer our customers the quality service which they are accustomed to", says Peder Gellert Pedersen, Executive Vice President and Head of DFDS Shipping Division.

The new ship on the route will be the NORMAN SPIRIT, which DFDS has chartered from LD Lines. The ship has capacity for 1850 passengers, 250 cars and 75 lorries and offers excellent passenger facilities, including restaurants, shops and comfortable resting areas. "The NORMAN SPIRIT flies the French flag and will be a welcome addition to the Dover-Dunkerque crossing until a more normal Channel ferry service has been re-established", says Peder Gellert Pedersen.

We expect that the NORMAN SPIRIT will be able to assume service on the Dunkerque-Dover route already the day after tomorrow, and we will provide more information about booking details and the schedule, as soon as possible.

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