DFDS and CH Square sign agreement to build new logistics centres

DFDS and CH Square will establish two new logistics centres totalling 60 000 m2 in Sweden.

DFDS - Karlshamn

DFDS - Vaggeryd

The centres will be built in Södra Stigamo (37 000 m2), in the county of Vaggeryd and Karlshamn harbour (23 000 m2).

DFDS continues its planned supply chain expansion with CH Square. Founded in 2019, CH Square has established over 230 000 m2 of warehouse space and previously worked with DFDS on their logistics centre in Borås.

“We are pleased to be working again with CH Square on these two new logistics centres. Both Karlshamn harbour and Södra Stigamo are strategic locations for DFDS, so it is crucial that we have a reliable partner as we continue our planned expansion. But most importantly, these new centres allow us to increase our level of service to our customers and contribute to job creation in Vaggeryd,” Says Niklas Andersson, Executive Vice President, Logistics Division, DFDS.

“We are very proud to be working together again with DFDS. To be able to develop two more logistics centres demonstrates the strength of our partnership and our ability to deliver according to our agreement,” says Peter Nilsson, VD & Partner, CH Square.

“We welcome the CH Square and DFDS partnership in Vaggeryd county.
It further establishes the county and LogPoint’s position as an important logistics hub in Sweden,” says Johan Thorsell, Business Manager at Vaggeryd County.

“It is Karlshamn Municipality’s long-term investment in the Stilleryd area that has created the conditions for new business developments. CH Square has bought land from the county for DFDS' continued development and expansion, and this is a clear indication that Karlshamn is an important transport node in southern Sweden,” says Per-Ola Mattsson (S), Chairman of the Board, Karlshamn County Council.

Construction of the two new logistics centres will begin immediately. Logistics operations at the two locations are planned to begin at the end of 2022.

Press and Media contact information:_

Peter Nilsson_ VD & Partner CH Square
0709-10 11 71 peter@chsquare.se

Niklas Andersson
Executive Vice President, Logistics Division niand@dfds.com

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