DFDS campaign to recruit IT developers

It comes as no surprise to us that we lack IT developers at DFDS, but as an article in the respected Danish shipping news magazine Shippingwatch demonstrates, it may be less obvious to the rest of the world.

“We employ 250 people in our IT department and have many digital experts, but the world may still anticipate that shipping companies are only for shipping experts and seafarers. However, we need all categories of competencies and our future success very much depends on our ability to create digital and IT solutions. Creative solutions that make life easier for our customers and enable us to move people and goods ever more efficiently,” says Henrik Holck, EVP, People and Ships.

“We simply have a hard time recruiting the IT experts we need, even though new colleagues will immediately be involved in tasks that really matter to people and trade. The tasks we can offer are probably among the most meaningful and exciting an IT developer will get,” he says.

We do something about it

DFDS is working on a campaign to attract more IT developers, and on a workshop with IT colleagues, various ways of attracting people and involving our colleagues were discussed,” says Henrik. Bo Kristensen, General Manager, IT Build Source, adds: “I hope, for example, that many of you will use social media to share this article or the article in the magazine Computer World, which you find here.

Henrik Holck foresees that we will need up to 50 more IT experts in the near future.

Current vacancies:

Senior developer

React web developer

UX and design Manager

IT consultant

Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

Digital Product Owner

Sertica Supporter

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