DFDS has today issued a four-year NOK 500 million corporate bond to supplement and partly replace existing bank debt

Until today DFDS has covered its debt financing needs via banks, but has now decided to issue a corporate bond partly to replace existing bank debt.

The aim is to reduce dependency on the banks and to diversify the loan portfolio.

The company has sold the NOK 500 million unsecured bond to a wide grouping of institutional investors in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The four-year bond has been issued with a floating rate in NOK which DFDS has swapped into a fixed, four-year Danish interest rate of approx. 4.3%.

The bond will be listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

"We are pleased with the significant interest in DFDS and the positive reception we received for our bond issue," says Torben Carlsen, CFO. In the last two years DFDS has reduced its debt considerably to around DKK 3.4 billion and has a strong balance sheet.

Nordea and SEB have arranged and carried out the bond issue for DFDS.

Contact person: CFO Torben Carlsen, +45 3342 3201

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