DFDS is activating its entire network to contribute to the important fight against breast cancer.

"As we see it, community-based efforts are often started by the people most affected: cancer patients and their relatives or communities. In 2017, we initiated the Pink project, where we are dedicated to actively supporting local initiatives in the fight against breast cancer. During the year, numerous fundraising events have taken place in various locations, and we will continue our support in the future," says Niels Smedegaard, CEO at DFDS.

Pink trailer

A trailer decorated in pink

Earlier this year, DFDS introduced a pink trailer, which has been carrying goods through most of Europe. For each 10 kilometres driven, DFDS will donate 1 Euro to charity Breast Cancer Now in the UK. Currently the trailer has driven 26,000 km, and it will be on the road for at least a couple more years. See a video of the pink trailer here.

Walking for charity

Some of our French, Dutch and German colleagues have been using their feet to raise money on various charity runs and hikes in Normandy and Dam tot Dam; beach cleaning, and at the ITB exhibition. And in November, even more DFDS runners will join the movement.

Wear it pink

Colleagues across the DFDS network wear pink on special occasions, such as pink sneakers at certain exhibitions, and of course the 'wear it pink' day in the UK.

Pink initiative CO

Customer support and pink balloons Our passengers take part in supporting this great cause by donating money when they book a journey with DFDS. Initiatives such as the Pink Lunch for passengers in The Netherlands, and the pink balloons in Denmark, where customers can write a greeting on a pink balloon to someone they hold dear who has fought or is fighting cancer, and then release the balloon into the sky.

"I am proud to see how colleagues from all over the DFDS network and their customers, friends and families are supporting this important fundraising drive, and I am confident that we will see even more creative and innovative initiatives in the years to come," says Niels Smedegaard.

DFDS will support the fight against breast cancer indefinitely locally, and all the monies raised will be donated to the breast cancer organisations in the countries in which the money is collected.

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