DFDS introduces a whistle-blowing scheme which will be used by employees, customers and other stakeholders

DFDS has now introduced a whistle-blowing scheme: The DFDS Compliance Line. It is an independent website that may be used by employees, customers and other stakeholders to report breaches of either the law or DFDS' own Code of Conduct if people feel they cannot inform their manager or contact person at DFDS.

The website is managed by EthicsPoint, an independent third party. This will ensure maximum confidentiality. EthicsPoint will pass on the information to a small group at DFDS dedicated to the task, and they will investigate any matters that are reported.

"People are encouraged to identify themselves as far as possible when reporting matters, as the investigation team may need to come back to them for further information. It will of course be in full confidence and the website will also provide the possibility of making reports anonymously," says Ole Færge, General Counsel for DFDS.

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Ole Færge, Group General Counsel, +45 33 42 32 72 e-mail: Ole.faerge@dfds.com

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