DFDS is shipping a 45ft container of clean drinking water to Ukraine

30,000 litres of clean drinking water is right now on its way on a DFDS Ferry to Ukraine to alleviate the immediate needs of civilians caught in the war.

DFDS is shipping a 45ft container of clean drinking water to Ukraine, featured article picture, news article

Next to the DFDS terminal in Brevik, Norway the factory Fresh Water Norway is bottling Norwegian spring water in packaging made from 88% renewable materials. Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Fresh Water Norway has been collaborating with the charitable organization Caritas through which it has so far shipped over 200,000 liters of clean drinking water to people in Ukraine. Fresh Water Norway is depending on donations to realize the shipments.

Damage to vital infrastructure and continued missile attacks is making life exceedingly difficult for the many civilians trapped in the conflict. So, when Fresh Water reached out to DFDS to ask for assistance in funding and shipping the essential cargo, DFDS immediately stepped up.

This week, DFDS donated a 45ft container packed with drinking water for people in the most exposed areas in East Ukraine. The shipment is donated by DFDS Logistics, Ferry and North Sea terminal in Brevik.

“The water will be shipped using a multimodal solution, which is more sustainable than trucking the cargo from Norway to Ukraine,” says Thorbjørn Aasig Lund Lippestad, General Manager of North Sea Terminal. The water will be carried by ferry from Brevik to Rotterdam and rail to Poland. Caritas will then take over and manage the in-country logistics into Ukraine.

“When Fresh Water contacted us and asked us to participate in this project, we did not hesitate,” says General Manager of DFDS Logistics Norway, Martina Engen. “This is a good way for us to concretely show our social commitment, and I am happy we are able to assist.”

“We know that Caritas is working closely with the local authorities in Ukraine who are trying to manage the direct needs. Ukrainian authorities are asking other companies to sponsor transport of the emergency water supplies and we would like to pass on the challenge to other companies in the area as well,” says Managing Director of DFDS Ferry Norway Kasper Svenningsen.

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