DFDS is setting up a road service office in Vilnius to offer customers efficient road transport of part and full loads to and from the UK. It will also include a very fast service between Lithuania and Germany, Italy and other countries as well as full loads and special cargoes.

Colleagues in Vilnius

Shipping and Logistics group DFDS has now gone ashore in Lithuania with a logistics office in Vilnius. Main business will be efficient transport of part and full loads between Lithuania and the UK as well as other countries.

"DFDS has a very strong European network both at sea and on the roads and with centrally located transshipment centers in the Baltic and the UK. Therefore, we have many strings to play in order to find the best and most efficient transport solutions for our customers. In conjunction with our own ferry routes, we will be able to pick up a load from a customer in Lithuania on Friday and deliver it to recipients throughout the UK on Wednesday," says Lars Thorsen, Head of DFDS' logistics business in Lithuania. He is heading a strong team of people with many years of experience with the Lithuanian transport industry.

The transport center partners in the UK are located in Basildon, to the east of London, and in Kettering in the heart of England. Both centers offer easy access to the main city centers.

To Germany and Italy

"In partnership with DFDS logistics office in Germany, we are in the process of setting up an efficient service to and from Germany. It will enable us to accept goods in Hamburg that can be in Klaipeda on Sunday and be delivered to our Lithuanian customers on Monday," says Lars Thorsen.

After the summer, he even expects to be able to offer customers transports to and from Italy, based on DFDS' well established road and rail services between Northern Europe and Italy.

DFDS also receives goods that are delivered to Vilnius cross-docking center to be transshipped for further transport to Russia and Kazakhstan. Moreover, DFDS already has a number of transports between Sweden and Russia with goods for a Volvo assembly plant in Russia, as well as goods such as Ikea and construction materials.

"Our cross-docking centers where goods will be transshipped for distribution or further transport, are located in Vilnius, Kaunas and in Riga in Latvia.

DFDS logistics truck

Nothing too small, nothing too big

"Our main service will be transport of part-loads. However, at DFDS we do have the equipment and expertise in moving full loads as well as various types of special and oversized cargoes. In short, when it comes to servicing our customers, nothing will be too small and nothing too big," says Mindaugas Ramaška, Commercial manager of DFDS' logistics business in Lithuania.

For further information:

Lars Thorsen, Head of Logistics, tel: +370 698 55 218 & email: lars.thorsen@dfds.com

Mindaugas Ramaška, Commercial Manager, tel: +370 682 00 500 & email: mindaugas.ramaska@dfds.com

Rita Kalininaitė, Sales Manager, tel: +370 612 30 718 & email: rita.kalininaite@dfds.com

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