DFDS partners with primeRail to improve efficiency of customer solutions

DFDS Mediterranean Business Unit is investing more in intermodal transport solutions that combine ferry and rail transport. Around 50% of all freight volumes passing through DFDS’ Trieste terminal is already today transported by rail to destinations in Europe

DFDS Trieste railway solutions

"We are investing heavily in intermodal customer solutions to provide a reliable, high-quality and seamless transport network. We see an increasing demand for rail transport in combination with our ferry routes and logistics services. Partnering with primeRail allows us to offer additional intermodal solutions. Customers can drop off units at our terminals in Turkey and pick them up in Europe very close to the end destinations.” says Lars Hoffmann, Head of DFDS’ Mediterranean business unit.

As part of the long-term partnership with primeRail, DFDS will establish an Operational Excellence Center in Troisdorf, Cologne – in addition to the already established Commercial Excellence Centre. Focusing the rail services provides opportunities to further grow and optimise operations.

Operations will be up and running by 2022

It is a strategic priority for DFDS BU MED to further develop rail and hence intermodal transport solutions to drive both efficiency and more climate friendly modes of transport. As part of the agreement, primeRail becomes the contractual partner of DFDS towards rail suppliers such as railway undertakers, rail terminals and rail operators.

Today, rail transport is one of the most environmentally friendly transport modes with an average CO2 emission per ton-kilometer (tkm) of 15.6 g / tkm compared to 139.8 g / tkm for road transport. (Source: *European Environment Agency)

Moreover, primeRail and DFDS share the same values regarding customer focus and reliable on-time solutions initially focused on Central Europe. As primeRail is already established in Cologne, the office will be expanded to become a hub for rail and intermodal service solutions. Activities for the rest of Europe will subsequently be expanded.

Offering more than 80 weekly trains

Today, DFDS and primeRail operate more than 80 weekly trains. DFDS operates five company rail lines from the hub in Trieste with the following schedule: Cologne (12 x Weekly Round Trips), Bettembourg (7 x Weekly Round Trips), Wels/Lambach (8 x Weekly Round Trips), Ostrava (3 x Weekly Round Trips) and Nuremberg (2 x Weekly Round Trips).

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