Dunkirk-Rosslare a success

DFDS enjoys near 100% utilisation of new route

DFDS started its new route between France and Ireland a month ago. By-passing the UK land bridge has quickly proved popular. The route has enjoyed near 100% utilisation from day one.

It’s currently being served by three charted Ro-Pax vessels, departing six times a week, and carrying driver accompanied trailers.

“I want to thank everyone involved,” said Kell Robdrup, the Senior VP at DFDS who helped start the project. “A lot of time and effort has gone into this start-up and we had some challenges during the first week of operation. However, the setup is improving day by day.”

Robdrup adds, “We could not have pulled off a start with this volume without everyone’s knowledge and experience. We can now look forward and optimize the route even further.”

DFDS has appointed additional staff in Rosslare who currently being trained. More positions will be filled in the coming weeks, making the route fully staffed and operational.

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