Eddie Green to step down as EVP Logistics and take up new role in the UK

Niklas Andersson to become new EVP and Head of Logistics Division. Eddie Green to move back to the UK to head all DFDS Cold Chain business.

Eddie and Niklas Eddie Green (to the left) will in the future head all logistics Cold Chain business. From September, Niklas Andersson (to the right) will be new EVP and Head of the Logistics Division.

Last year, DFDS launched a new strategy which among other has a strong focus on growth in select industries, the so-called sector verticals.

A key sector vertical is our Cold Chain business, which includes transportation of seafood and other perishable and frozen goods across northern Europe. Our strength is based on our people with special knowledge of refrigerated transport, our large temperature-controlled trailer fleet and network of cold-storage facilities and shipping routes. Therefore, I am very pleased that Eddie Green has agreed to move back to the UK to lead our Cold Chain business, which is centred there. Eddie knows this business very well and has played an important role in building it since before Norfolkline became part of DFDS.

I need to thank Eddie for an outstanding performance as Head of the Logistics Division, which he has made a much bigger and more important part of DFDS and for his important role on the Executive Committee where he has contributed in all areas and often been the one making sure we view things not just from a headquarter angle.

“I came to Denmark in 2010 expecting to stay for a couple of years and now, nine years later, can look back and feel extremely proud to have played a part in the success and achievements of DFDS in that period. It has been a great time and I have immensely enjoyed the friendship and support of some fantastic colleagues. I now look forward to returning to the UK to continue working for this great company and to dedicate my efforts to further develop and grow the European Cold Chain Business,” says Eddie Green.

Niklas Andersson, currently head of BU Nordic and Continent, will be new EVP and Head of the Logistics Division from 1 September.

Niklas Andersson (45) has extensive experience and wide knowledge of the logistics industry in general from his broad career in logistics and close cooperation with Eddie even before he joined DFDS in November 2012. He has a holistic view of our business, is an experienced manager who is good at motivating people, plotting a course and ensuring that the organisation stays on its strategic course whilst pursuing daily improvements in customer service and results.

Niklas is the ideal choice to take over as Head of Logistics and with his ambition and entrepreneurial skills, I am confident that he with the rest of the organization will take Logistics to new heights. . I congratulate Niklas warmly with his new position and look forward to working with him on the Executive Committee where he will replace Eddie. Niklas will move to Copenhagen with his family.

Torben Carlsen, CEO DFDS CEO Torben Carlsen 2018

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