Environmental, Social, and Governance actions now reported quarterly

DFDS Environmental, Social, and Governance efforts are now going to be reported with every Quarterly Report

Data includes CO2 emissions, energy consumption, safety at sea and on land, and representation of women in the company. Each executive management team member has been assigned responsibility for one or more ESG goals.

“As a shipping and logistics company, our emission challenge is our key battle. Our Climate Action Plan covers short-term actions to reduce emissions from existing assets and transformative actions to become a zero-emission company by 2050. With concrete targets integrated into all areas of our business, we are making progress,” Chief People Officer Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel says.

A more sustainable fleet in the making

In our Ferry Division, we have established Sustainable Fleet Projects this quarter - a new unit working to deploy a zero-emission freight ferry in the route network by 2025. Both retrofitting and newbuilding options are being analysed and considered. We have also recently applied anti-fouling hull paint to five ferries to reduce friction in the water and fuel consumption. New injection systems on five ferries have been installed to optimise engine combustion and save fuel. In our Logistics Division, we expect to operate our first electric truck in collaboration with Volvo Trucks later this month.

Attracting and retaining a diverse workforce

On the social side, we have clear goals for becoming a more diverse and inclusive company. Our female hiring ratio for land positions reached 39% in H1 2021, helping increase the gender ratio across all levels in the organisation. We have also launched a mentor programme and a ‘D&I toolbox’, which supports leaders in spotting and reducing bias in their people decisions, thereby contributing to a broadening of DFDS’ talent pool.

“It is time for our ESG results to stand side by side with our financial numbers because they are our guiding stars for how to do business responsibly. ESG is a constant indicator of how we’re doing, and regular ESG reporting pushes us to keep delivering and growing with customers, partners, and colleagues,” Anne-Christine says.

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