Freight up 17% in November

Monthly volume report: Freight boosted by stock building ahead of Brexit

Humbria Seaways

We have started to report monthly ferry volumes for freight and passengers to provide additional insight for investors and the general public into the development in volume trends.

November was a very busy month for freight, especially on the UK routes. Our logistics activities to the UK have likewise been very busy in November. When we look at the high growth percentages vs 2019, we should however recall that uncertainty about Brexit slowed trading down in November 2019.

Below are the numbers and text that was released as an investor news announcement earlier today.

Freight 17 percent up

Ferry – freight: Total volumes in November were 18% above 2019 adjusted for the closure of the Paldiski-Hanko route. The volume growth for routes calling the UK was 25%.

North Sea volumes were boosted by stockbuilding ahead of Brexit, especially on the routes between Netherlands and UK. Volumes on the English Channel were likewise boosted by the stockbuilding. Baltic Sea volumes were above 2019 adjusted for the closure of the Paldiski-Hanko route. Mediterranean volumes were up driven by the route between southern Turkey and Italy.

Ferry – passenger: Total number of passengers in November 2020 was 80% below 2019. The decrease reflects a continued negative impact from travel restrictions related to Covid-19, especially on the two cruise ferry routes. In the Baltic Sea, passenger numbers were considerably less impacted.

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