June volume report: freight up 19% following lockdowns in 2020

DFDS reports monthly ferry volumes for freight and passengers to provide insight into the development of volume trends in DFDS’ European route network.

DFDS Pearl Crown in Frederikshavn

Ferry volumes

Ferry – freight: Total volumes in June 2021 were 19.5% above 2020. Net adjustments for structural route changes reduced growth 2.7 ppt to 16.8%.

The extraordinary volume growth in June 2021 vs 2020 reflected the recovery from the significant volume reductions in June 2020 caused by lockdowns related to Covid-19. Mediterranean’s volume increase was the highest in June 2021 as the volume recovery in 2020 in this region lagged Northern Europe due to a high share of automotive volumes. Trading between the EU and the UK continued to be robust.

Volumes in June 2021 were 16.8% above June 2019 adjusted for structural route changes. Volumes were also well above June 2019 in each of the four business units mainly carrying freight, i.e. North Sea, Baltic Sea, Channel and Mediterranean.

Ferry – passenger: The total number of passengers in June 2021 was 41.4% below 2020 reflecting the continued tight travel restrictions. Baltic Sea’s passenger volumes were above 2020.

The Oslo-Frederikshavn-Copenhagen route was reopened on 2 July 2021. Passenger volumes on The English Channel are expected to start to increase following the UK’s ‘reopening’ currently scheduled for 19 July 2021.

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