Luckily no-one was injured when Primula Seaways was hit by the container ship MSC Madrid on Saturday, and fortunately, there was no pollution in spite of the substantial damage to the hull.


"In an unfortunate situation like this, our network strength and fleet flexibility really show its high value. It helps us find solutions that can mitigate the effect on our services and thus on our customers," says Peder Gellert, EVP and Head of the Shipping Division. He is pleased with the opportunities which a solution found in excellent cooperation between business units North Sea South, North Sea North and our fleet management is providing.

The solution is based on a chartered ship and swapping of vessels.

On the Cuxhaven-Immingham route, the chartered vessel Neptun Dynamis will replace Jutlandia Seaways so she can be moved to Immingham-Gothenburg.

On Immingham-Gothenburg route Jutlandia Seaways will take up service for Petunia Seaways which is now helping out on Gothenburg-Ghent. Petunia has until now been replaced by Ark Germania as the third vessel on the route.

On Gothenburg-Ghent, they will get Ark Germania back, and Petunia will continue as a replacement for Primula Seaways. This means we can again offer our customers a four-ship service on Gothenburg-Ghent.

The changes will be in effect from Tuesday next week.

We believe Peder Gellert is particularly happy with this solution as Primula may be out of service for several weeks. However, according to Thomas Mørk, VP of Technical Organisation, we will need to wait until at least the end of the week before we can be more specific about this.

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