Meet the crew: Indrė Simonavičiūtė

Aistė Tunaitytė and Vilma Songailaite in Klaipeda have interviewed colleagues that work on our Baltic routes to share an authentic glimpse into the work onboard the ferries. The interviews show that everyone plays an important role in the operation to ensure an excellent customer experience. We will continue to share interviews so you can get to know our colleagues a little better.

Indre Simonaviciute

Barista Indrė Simonavičiūtė greets every customer of the ferry cafe with a smile. With quirky hairstyles, curious tattoos and impeccable service, Indre will undoubtedly make your journey a good one. As she claims herself, she always adds a bit of love to every cup of coffee before she bids you farewell. Now she shares her thoughts on the life at sea and working with DFDS.

Before I joined DFDS, I worked on fishing trawlers in Norway. My time with DFDS is short, but I have already worked on board three ferries: Regina Seaways, Optima Seaways and Sirena Seaways.

Yet, I have learned a lot during my period with DFDS. My job allows me to develop both professionally and personally. I always keep track of my own accomplishments and I somehow always find strength to conquer challenges and pursue my goals. It also motivates me that my supervisors, colleagues and family are right behind with support and trust. Family is really my most important value and this applies both to my personal life and my workplace.

Meeting customers with positivity

When you love what you do, you do not see it as a job. It inspires me when customers enthusiastically return with smiles and positivity. So even the most mundane cup of coffee that reaches customers is prepared with a bit of love! That is why advice like 'If you're going to do something, do it well' really resonates with me.

I always try to be sincere and open when communicating with customers and colleagues. Whenever any issue arises, we try to find a solution or reach a consensus. I meet customers and bid them farewell with a smile. It is really that easy to show a positive attitude. People who can find something positive about every situation really fascinates me which is why I thrive to do the same. Finding harmony is what life is about.

Being on sea and shore leave

Being around customers and working on board can also be challenging, yet I really value those opportunities that life offers to me. It allows me to learn something new.

As you spend a lot of time on sea, you easily fall in love with it. As did I a while ago. To me the sea represents dreams, secrets, and undiscovered treasures. Each time I look far out to the horizon, I feel like I am given the promise of a new beginning.

When I am on the month of shore leave, I take the opportunity to rest in ultimate privacy. There is this saying: “He who rests well, works well”, so I try to follow this unwritten rule. I am constantly working to improve myself even in my free time. And only then does my heart fill with happiness and my soul start bursting with joy.

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