Moving goods for kitchen appliances giant Miele

DFDS is awarded a grand contract with kitchen appliances giant Miele for its warehouse solutions in the Nordics. The ability to offer high-quality, long term and flexible service was the decisive factor for Miele to choose DFDS as its logistics partner in the Nordics.

DFDS Jönköping warehouse

"We are incredibly happy to start this long-term partnership. During the procurement, it became clear that Miele and DFDS share many common values. This really laid the foundation for a good partnership. I am hopeful that together with Miele we will extend this partnership and find more collaborations within Europe", says Andreas Karlsson, Head of Sales (Contract Logistics).

From April '23 goods will start to fill the warehouse and the first outbound shipment is expected in May. The new partnership also opens the possibility of including transport services of Miele appliances to customers.

A key factor in landing the new contract was the high-quality and flexible approach from DFDS. The team within Contract Logistics first looked into the needs of Miele and from there worked on the right solution.

"Feedback from customers is that we meet customers with a large and competent team already at the start of the project. We have listened to the customer and are flexible and adaptable", says Muhamed Ceric, Contract Logistics Director.

Miele has already expressed great satisfaction with their engagement with DFDS.

"Now we are working on all the preparations, making sure that all common processes and systems work optimally, recruiting new employees and ensuring that Miele receives the high quality that characterizes DFDS", says Muhamed Ceric.

DFDS is happy to be part of the journey (some) Miele appliances travel. With our high-quality logistics care, Miele goods will reach the homes of many.

For more information on Contract logistics, please contact Andreas Karlsson, Head of Sales Contract Logistics via

Facts about the Jönköping warehouse:

• 36 000 sqm, with 28 gates • 1000 sqm offices and social areas • Located in a top logistic position in Sweden and the Nordics • Multi-client site • First customer implemented January 2023

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