DFDS' online booking service: DFDS Direct

Quote, book, track and manage your logistics with DFDS Direct. Save time and reduce errors in the booking process. Duplicate bookings, get quick booking confirmation and share driver instruction

DFDS’ online booking service for logistics customers, DFDS Direct enables customers to get a quote, book, track transport and manage freight documents directly from their own computer or phone.

“We want to make it easy for our customers to work with us and DFDS Direct is intended to do so in a quick, simple and easy manner” says Niklas Andersson, Executive Vice President and Head of DFDS’ Logistics Division.

“DFDS Direct displays our ambition to constantly improve and digitise our services. I am certain that this tool will become an efficient and extremely valuable service for our customers. I am now really looking forward to seeing how it will help us strengthen our services during the coronavirus crisis, and how such digital solutions, developed in fruitful co-operation between our Logistics Division and our Technology Division, can support our customers growth afterwards,” he says.

Rune Keldsen, Chief Technology Officer and Head of DFDS’ Technology Division, says: “DFDS Direct is the beginning of an extensive digitisation plan with the goal of handling a substantial majority of the bookings digitally by 2023. It is an excellent demonstration of how we can improve our online offers for our customers.

Are you interested in learning how to use DFDS Direct, please visit the DFDS Direct page or contact Direct@dfds.com.

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