Peterborough solar panels

DFDS Peterborough gets 25% of its electricity from the sun

Solar Panel Peterborough

DFDS’ warehouse roof in Peterborough covers about 1600m2 and is roughly 50 years old.

A pause in production at one of our customer sites presented an opportunity to rethink and renew the roof.  At short notice, the team received quotes from contractors, sorted out approval, and designed and placed a solar panel roof order.

“During the design phase, we integrated two Solar panel arrays, one to power the trailer hook-ups and one for the office,” Business Controller Jonathan Worrall in DFDS’ Logistics Division in Peterborough says.

“The solar array will offset 11 tonnes of carbon in its first year. We chose a 44kWp system that gives us the quickest payback period and generates more than 25% of our electricity. It will pay for itself in a little over five years. The roof has a performance guarantee of 25 years, and we hope that we will continue to profit from it for years to come. Once the returns are proven, we hope to scale this project to other England Cold Chain sites,” Jonathan says.

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