The five-runners up in our poster competition win €650 and the chance to be featured in a postcard set.

We thought you'd like to see the posters that were chosen as the runners-up in our 150th Anniversary Poster Competition. The jury didn't award second, third, fourth places, so these are in no particular order:

Paulius Petrauskas (Vilnius, Lithuania)

Paulius Petrauskas 150 poster

Agne Mackeviciute (Lithuanian, living in London)

Agne Mackeviciute 150 years

Jekaterina Aleksejeva (Vilnius)

Jekaterina Aleks 150 years

Andres Muñoz Claros (Columbian, living in Hamburg, Germany)

Andres Munoz 150 years

Mirjam Siim (Estonian, living in Portugal)

Mirjam Siim 150 years

A very big congratulations to the designers of these very different, fresh and exciting designs. And thank you once again to everyone who participated!

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