Rosslare – Dunkirk ferry route expands capacity

DFDS introduces a fourth freight ferry on the Rosslare – Dunkirk route

Ark Dania by Jens Vinderslev

On the 1st April, DFDS will introduce a fourth freight ferry to the successful direct ferry service between Rosslare Europort in Ireland and the Grand Port of Dunkerque in Northern France.

The new freight ferry is DFDS’ “Ark Dania” with a capacity of 188 truck units (including 12 driver accompanied units and 176 unaccompanied units/trailers).

The direct service is favoured by haulage companies and industry alike, as it avoids the delays, border checks and complicated paperwork that come with using the UK as a land-bridge. Upon arrival in Dunkirk or Rosslare, the drivers are fully rested and can continue driving immediately to reach many major destinations within the rules for driving limits.

Just after Brexit, the direct route between Rosslare and Dunkirk was launched on 2nd January with three ferries to offer a cost-efficient alternative for trade between Ireland and continental Europe. The additional capacity also gives customers an opportunity to grow their business post Brexit.

Aidan Coffey, Route Director, says: “Ark Dania is an important addition to the route. It’s a very versatile ferry capable of carrying diverse types of cargo. It will also free up capacity on our three other ferries for more driver accompanied freight units”.

“We have strong demand from all sectors of industry looking to use the direct route to North Central Europe, as more and more realise the benefits of using the direct route compared to the UK land-bridge”.

Ark Dania will have it’s maiden call in Dunkirk on 1st April.

Please visit the route page for more details.

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