Technology and Innovation casts a wider net in search of talent

On 15 October, a group of female developers from ReDI, an organisation that works to provide immigrant and refugee women with more digital education and improve their position on the Danish job market, came to Harbour House to hear what DFDS offers as a tech employer.

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"350 people work with technology and innovation in DFDS. 150 of them are based here at Harbour House, representing +25 nationalities. We're constantly on the lookout for new tech talent to help fill our open positions and join our quest to digitally transform our business and the industry," Chapter Lead Abdul Arafh says.

Abdul hosted the RedI visit with a bunch of volunteers from T&I. They introduced DFDS, our approach to tech, how we work and then hosted workshops on topics like UX and data analytics for the visiting developers to get a solid idea of how we do business at DFDS.

Mikolaj Matyaszczyk

"The maritime industry is perceived as predominantly masculine, and this may challenge us in attracting and retaining women for positions at sea and in our technical organisations – and not least in T &I. We have many women in leadership positions, but very few developers. By hosting an event like this one, we get to know each other and maybe find out if there's a job match somewhere on the horizon.

Anuje Pandey

Indian-born Anuje Pandey was one of the attendees. A data analytics professional with a background from Amazon in the UK, Anuje is a global citizen who has recently relocated to Copenhagen. "It takes time to get to know a new country and job market, and ReDi helps bridge that gap between available – and skilled! – resources, and the companies that need them. Over 12 weeks, we dive into both new and known tech topics and get to know the local tech scene, hopefully making it easier for us to land our dream jobs and the employer to get a passionate and experienced colleague on board," Anuje says.

"In the end, we're casting a wider net to attract talent because diverse teams create better products and solutions. We're always interested in hiring talented people that are curious and passionate about new technology, regardless of who they are or where they are from. We need to open our eyes to potential hires outside of where we usually look, and inviting ReDI is one step towards making DFDS even more diverse," Arafh says.

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