The European Union introduced new data demands for shipments into the EU

Import Control System 2 (ICS2) entering Europe 1 June 2024

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ICS2 is set to come into effect for all freight shipments in June 2024. Like the original ICS (Import Control System, otherwise also known as ENS), ICS2 is a new cargo safety & security system made to process cargo information, support risk assessment and bolster security and safety at EU borders.

What’s new with ICS2?
ICS2 will require all maritime, rail and road carriers to submit more information about the shipments prior to arrival at the EU border. After assessing the information, the authorities will either clear the cargo for transport, request further information or deny it entry into the EU. If the shipment information is not submitted in time, is incomplete or inaccurate, the cargo will be stopped at the border and not cleared by the customs authority.

What does ICS2 mean for DFDS customers?
In short, ICS2 means that either the customer, or DFDS on behalf of the customer, will have to provide more information about your EU shipments in advance. This likely means that more time and resources will need to be devoted to ensuring the declarations are accurate and submitted in time.

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How can DFDS help with ICS2?
DFDS will set up its IT systems and processes to help ensure your supply chain can continue operating efficiently under ICS2 requirements. Depending on the transport method and preference, as a customer you will be able to choose between: • Allowing DFDS to submit all shipment data to ICS2. • Allowing DFDS to submit a portion of your data while you provide in-house data to ICS2 on your own.

More details to come towards January 2024.

Visit the European Commission’s website for further information.

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