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COVID-19 update: Keeping your business moving

For customers of our freight ferry services

Throughout Europe, countries are still imposing temporary travel restrictions to limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus, and gain control of the situation.

We are glad to inform that the Copenhagen-Oslo route has reopened as of June 25th with a stop by at Frederikshavn. On the new route, our two popular passenger ferries, Pearl Seaways and Crown Seaways, will stop at Frederikshavn during the voyage between Copenhagen and Oslo, however no travel will be offered exclusively between Copenhagen and Frederikshavn.

Also as of July 15th we have resumed sailings on our passenger route Amsterdam-Newcastle. Our onboard and shore based crews are subject to strict hygiene measures and our passengers can be secure that we have taken every precaution advised by the World Health Organisation to minimise the spread of Coronavirus / COVID-19 to protect the health of those travelling. The latest information on our ferry services can be found on the respective passenger ferries page.

We continue to service our driver accompanied trailer traffic as well as unaccompanied units and containers on the following routes:

For customers of our logistics services

DFDS’ logistics division will continue serving our customers as today and do our best to mitigate the consequences the situation has on our services. We will continue working with you on ensuring the efficiency of the supply chains to ensure as high delivery standards as possible in this extraordinary situation.

Message from our CEO to our customers and partners

Important documents for drivers travelling to France

! In an effort to minimise the risk of spreading Covid-19 the French medical association has already urged everybody to wear a face mask. However, please be informed that this advice is very likely to become a compulsory requirement in France from 11th May onwards, as France will begin to gradually loosen its lock-down restrictions.

DFDS has an obligation to comply with legislation and hereby recommend that all freight drivers are suitably equipped with face masks at the earliest opportunity to ensure they conform with this directive.

!! With immediate effect the following travel documents are now required for entry or transit through French territory: Health certificate, Authorization for travelling document and Company Work Certificate. This announcement follows the implementation of the French Prime Minister’s instruction of 18 March 2020, n°6149/SG, regarding the decisions made to tackle the spread of Covid-19.

Each driver entering French territory must have the completed certificate available to present to border control authorities in Dover, which is prior to the DFDS check-in. For your assistance please find a copy of the certificate attached for completion.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Please ensure that your drivers have completed the certificate and ticked the appropriate box required by the French authorities for crossing the border before they arrive at the UK check-in.

Health certificateAuthorization for travelling document Company Work Certificate

Eastern Channel: New health measures at the UK border

With effect from Monday 8th June, it will be a mandatory Governmental Requirement for all passengers / drivers entering the UK, to complete a “passenger locator form” for the potential purposes of “contact tracing”.

The form can be completed online by following this link.

When entering the above website select "Provide your journey and contact details" which takes you to the appropriate page. Here you can read what details are required and simply click the start link at the bottom of the page to complete the form with your unique details.

Please be aware that all freight drivers are exempt from the 14 days self-isolation requirement after travel.

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Keep yourself updated

We will continue monitoring the situation and update this site as soon as the situation changes. We recommend that you look at our website regularly for updates.

We will also continue doing our utmost to ensure our customers safe travels and safe and reliable transport of their goods and keep the supply chains operating for the benefit of our customers, and as requested by all governments.

To safeguard the health and well-being of everyone and limit the spread of the virus we are following the advice of WHO as well as national guidelines to protect our customers, partners and staff. The measures include regular washing and disinfection of hands, avoiding personal contact, keeping distance to other people, travel restrictions and other measures.

COVID-19: what measures is DFDS taking?

Check out which special procedures we have implemented on board our vessels, in our offices and in logistics services to fight the spread of the coronavirus.

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