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Become a business client of DFDS

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Who can become a DFDS business client

DFDS' business customers can be companies that have a valid business number and VAT number if they are VAT payers.

By becoming a DFDS business customer, you can take advantage of the many benefits that make it easier to book and administer your travels.

To begin with, you can conveniently view travel times, ticket prices and already booked trips; quickly and conveniently book or cancel ferry trips.

When organizing trips with a large number of employees and vehicles, it is especially convenient that you will be able to independently change the personal data and license plates of travelers. Corporate clients receive special conditions for changing tickets and discounts in accordance with the current discount system. This helps you save and optimize your business time and travel expenses.

Why become a business client of DFDS

Becoming a DFDS business customer will have many more advantages and you will be able to book your trips comfortably.

With your business customer account, you will be able to:

  • view travel times, ticket prices and booked trips;
  • book and cancel ferry trips;
  • receive travel confirmations by e-mail;
  • change personal data and car numbers;
  • to receive special ticket exchange conditions and discounts according to the current discount system.

Advantages for business:

  • the account is provided free of charge and will be available to several employees of the company;
  • after the trip, you will automatically receive a VAT invoice;
  • there is no administrative fee for booking a ticket;
  • newsletters with relevant information for business customers.

Fill out the form below and take advantage of the benefits of a business client.

Customers of the passenger business are different from the customers of the cargo compartment. After becoming a corporate customer, you can book tickets with or without a vehicle. Keep in mind that having become a business customer, you can book a trip with such a vehicle that weighs no more than 3.5 tons.

If your goal is cargo transportation or you are interested in other logistics solutions, please contact the cargo department by clicking here

If you want to become a DFDS business customer and organise your company's travels, please fill out the form below.

*Attention: An account is created only for new business customers who do not have a business account login and travel through the passenger section. If you are a cargo department customer, please click here.