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Danish food, Cap Horn - Photo Credit: Kristian Brasen

Eating in Copenhagen - See our favorites

In Copenhagen you will find restaurants of all price ranges and there are plenty of good restaurants in the city.

Did you know that Copenhagen is the city in the Nordic countries with the most Michelin stars! However, it is not necessary to twist the wallet, or book a table half a year in advance if you want to eat well in Copenhagen.

The city is packed with pleasant, small eateries that serve high quality food without the price tag. Click on the pictures below and get some of our tips.

Summer in Copenhagen,l Photo Credit: Cris Tonnesen

See our list of Restaurants, eateries and cafes in Copenhagen here

  • Lille Bakery - 213B Refshalevej, Copenhagen K, Denmark
  • Neighbourhood - Istedgade 27 og Frederiksborggade 20D
  • Cantina – Borgergade 2, 1300 København K
  • Boutique Emilia - Frederiksholms kanal 4, Copenhagen K
  • Mangia - Bagerstræde 9, 1617 København,
  • Frenchy - Hyskenstraede 16, København 1264 Danmark
  • Restaurant Schønneman - Hauser Pl. 16, 1127 København, Denmark
  • Nyhavns Færgekro - Nyhavn 5, 1051 København, Denmark
  • Aamanns 1921 - Niels Hemmingsens Gade 19-21, 1153 København K, Denmark
  • Urten Vegan - Larsbjørnsstræde 18, 1454 København, Denmark
  • Reffen Streetfood - Refshalevej 167, 1432 København, Denmark
  • Hyttefadet - Nyhavn 25, 1051 København K, Denmark

Du vil finne mer informasjon om noen av våre favoritter i København lenger ned på siden.

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Italian restaurants in Copenhagen

You don't have to travel all the way to Italy to enjoy the best dishes from Italian cuisine. In Copenhagen, you will find several fantastic restaurants, which specialize in Italian food. Explore the hidden gem Boutique Emilia or enjoy authentic Italian delicacies at Mangia Vesterbro. Distinctive dishes, pasta and traditional seafood are served in a pleasant atmosphere. If you are looking for a tasty, Italian pizza, Neighborhood is the place you should eat. Fabulous drinks are also served here. Another popular Italian restaurant is Bæst. Here you get exquisite dishes made with organic ingredients and artisanal preparation. The signature dishes at Bæst include delicious pizzas from the wood-fired oven, homemade pasta and a selection of cheeses and sausages. Simply a taste of Italy!

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Copenhagen's best French restaurants

Experience French delicacies in the middle of Copenhagen. Denmark's capital offers both exquisite bistros and charming patisseries, in true, French spirit. Here there are great opportunities for a wonderful, French evening. If you want to eat a French feast, Esmée is the place! The luxurious restaurant is centrally located at Kongens Nytorv, and offers its guests a formidable taste experience from French cuisine. Les Trois Cochon is also a popular restaurant serving delicious French dishes that are sure to please. The restaurant is reminiscent of a typical Parisian bistro, with a cozy atmosphere. If you are looking for a delicious, French breakfast or lunch, Frenchy can be recommended. A charming cafe that serves delicious brunch with an exquisite taste. Here you get a perfect start to the day, in pleasant surroundings.

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Nice cafes in Copenhagen

There is little that beats a delicious cup of coffee. If you are going on a trip to Copenhagen, a visit to a café is a must! Here you will find pleasant outdoor seating, exciting coffee art and an impeccable atmosphere. If you are looking for quality coffee and like the smell of freshly ground coffee beans, you should head to Coffée Collective. Fantastic coffee experiences are the focus in this minimalist but cozy cafe. A safe choice for every coffee lover! One of the city's most famous cafes is Café Victor, located in Indre by. Here you get delicious baked goods, good coffee and you can also have a better dinner in the restaurant of the same name. If you are looking for a good breakfast with your cup of coffee, Next Door Café is an excellent choice, and if you want a cup of coffee in the surroundings of art, the café at the Statens Museum for Art (SMK) is the place.

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Bakeries in Copenhagen

In the center of Copenhagen, you will find traditional Danish bakeries, where the scent of fresh bread and cakes wafts through the streets. Local favorites often include Lagkagehuset and Emmerys, known for their delicious selection of sourdough breads, pastries and cakes. A popular bakery worth checking out is Juno the Bakery. Delicious yeast baked goods, pleasant surroundings and delicious coffee meet you here. The bakery is located on Østerbro, surrounded by a pleasant outdoor terrace. A perfect place to have a coffee when the sun comes out. Another bakery with a charming location is Lille Bakery, located on the former industrial area, Refshaleøen. Here you will find organic and short-travel baked goods, in a bright and rustic atmosphere. Enjoy delicious baked goods in the sun outside the bakery - Definitely worth a visit!

Restaurants in Copenhagen

Vegan restaurants in Copenhagen

Copenhagen has embraced the growing trend of vegan and vegetarian food, and the city offers a large selection of plant-based restaurants. One of the restaurants is 42 Raw. The eatery specializes in vegan food, and the menu boasts delicious dishes such as smoothie bowls, salads and plant-based burgers. You will find 42 Raw in the middle of the shops in the inner city. Another popular place is Souls Torvehallerne, located in the popular food hall in Frederiksborgsgade. Souls is known for fresh, plant-based ingredients and a varied menu of tasty dishes. If you are looking for a plant-based dining experience out of the ordinary, you should try the vegetarian menu at Vækst. The restaurant presents its food in a beautiful, green atmosphere, which gives you the feeling of eating outdoors. The restaurant has been mentioned in the Michelin guide. You can also check out Urten, a vegan restaurant that cooks from seasonal produce. Every month a new 3-course menu is created. The restaurant is located in Indre by

Torvehallerne, Copenhagen - Photo Credit: Robin Skjoldborg

Copenhagen's food markets

Copenhagen is home to a number of food markets that give visitors a chance to explore the city's culinary stage. One of the most famous markets is Torvehallerne, located in Indre By. This market has a rich selection of fresh produce, local delicacies, seafood, and a wide range of international flavours. Visitors can enjoy everything from Danish cheeses and gourmet sausages to sushi and sandwiches, all under one roof. Copenhagen Street Food on Papirøen (Paper Island) is also a popular food market. With a view of the harbor and a relaxed atmosphere, the place is perfect for those who want to enjoy delicious dishes in pleasant surroundings. In addition, Kødbyens Mad & Marked is a food market that takes place in Kødbyen. Here you can taste delicacies from local producers and food trucks, and at the same time experience Copenhagen's urban atmosphere.

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