Restaurants in Copenhagen, Palaegade - Photo Credit: Marie-Louise Munkegaard

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Danish food, Cap Horn - Photo Credit: Kristian Brasen

Eating in Copenhagen - See our favorites

In Copenhagen you will find restaurants of all price ranges and there are plenty of good restaurants in the city.

Did you know that Copenhagen is the city in the Nordic countries with the most Michelin stars! However, it is not necessary to twist the wallet, or book a table half a year in advance if you want to eat well in Copenhagen.

The city is packed with pleasant, small eateries that serve high quality food without the price tag. Click on the pictures below and get some of our tips.

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We operate a ferry from Oslo, Norway, which will take you directly to Denmarks capital, Copenhagen.

Alternatively, our Newcastle-Amsterdam ferry will take you within 6 hours of the Danish border, allowing you to take in the scenery as you drive.

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