Dog Friendly Beaches

Dog-friendly beach staycations

Dog-friendly beach staycations

Dog-friendly beach staycations

Dogs are a part of the family, and we want to involve them in every experience, especially holidays! Holidays with dogs are more popular than ever. In the summertime, many people look for dog-friendly beach holidays so their four-legged friends can have fun on the sand and swim in the sea.

If you’re planning a dog-friendly holiday in the UK, our guide will help you find the best dog-friendly beaches.

How to tell if beaches are dog-friendly

How to tell if beaches are dog-friendly

The best way to check if a beach is dog-friendly is to read the signs as you enter. They usually note the beach rules, including whether dogs are allowed.

However, some beaches may not have signs, so checking before you arrive is better than getting caught out. Look for information on the beach’s website or call the local tourism office to double-check.

All the fantastic beaches in our guide are dog-friendly, so save your research and visit one of the below!

The UK’s best dog-friendly beach destinations

The UK boasts many beautiful dog-friendly beaches, guaranteeing fun wherever you go. Explore our top pick of dog-friendly beaches in the following counties below:

Cornwall Beach


Home to some of the UK's most spectacular landscapes, Cornwall brims with dog-friendly beaches, including the following:

  • Trebarwith Strand. If you’re looking for a sandy beach with plenty to explore, Trebarwith Strand is hard to beat. Backed by beautiful high cliffs and surrounded by caves and rock pools, Trebarwith is the perfect place to take your curious dog.
  • Porthkidney Beach. Porthkidney Beach is one of Cornwall’s best-kept secrets. This spacious, golden sand beach stretches for miles. If you have an active pup, it’s the perfect place to let them run wild.
  • Helford Passage Beach. Helford Passage is a quaint sand and shingle beach near the mouth of the Helford River. Surrounded by cliffs and wooded areas, it has a peaceful atmosphere, with clear waters inviting you and your companion to enjoy a dip.
Dorset - Chesil Beach


Dorset is known for its stunning Jurassic Coast and glorious scenery. Here are some of the best dog-friendly beaches in Dorset.

  • Alum Chine Beach. With charming beach huts and endless powdery sand, Alum Chine Beach's scenery is unmatched. Dogs are welcome on all parts of the beach from October to April and in certain areas between May and September.
  • Chesil Beach. Chesil Beach is a picturesque shingle beach offering stunning views of Weymouth. Dogs are welcome all year between Abbotsbury and the Tank Teeth Boundary and on leads from September to April from the Tank Teeth Boundary to the Portland Boundary Stone.
  • Durdle Door West and East Beach. This beach features one of Dorset’s most iconic landmarks. The dramatic stone arch of Durdle Door rises from beyond a sand and pebble beach, providing a stunning backdrop for your dog walk. Dogs are welcome year-round.
Devon - Dog at the beach


Vising Devon with your furry friend? Enjoy beach-fringed landscapes, rugged coastline and beautiful dog-friendly beaches, including the following:

  • Woolacombe Beach. Woolacombe Beach boasts three miles of powdery sand and charming beach huts. Two out of the three Zones at Woolacombe Beach are dog friendly. Dogs are allowed on leads in Zone B, while they’re free to run wild in Zone C.
  • Mouthmill Beach. Mouthmill Beach’s quiet location is perfect for taking active dogs or first-time beachgoers. A peaceful walk through Brownsham Wood will take you to the stunning cove of sand and rock pools. Dogs are welcome year-round.
  • Saunton Sands. Famous among surfers, Saunton Sands is an idyllic three-mile sandy beach backed by the UNESCO-protected Braunton Biosphere Reserve. Dogs are allowed year-round with no restrictions.
East Sussex - Dog at the beach

East Sussex

East Sussex offers many dog-friendly beaches you can visit year-round. Our top picks include the following:

  • Camber Sands Beach. Camber Sands Beach is the perfect place for dogs to explore and play on the dunes at the west end of the beach or enjoy a swim in the sea. Dogs are welcome at Camber Sands Beach all year. However, there are some restrictions between May and September.
  • Hastings Beach. Hastings Beach promises plenty of fun for furry friends. You can find more dog-friendly activities beyond the Old Town, including Hastings Castle and Country Park. Most areas at Hastings Beach welcome dogs year-round, though there are some restricted sections close to the pier.
  • Cooden Beach. Popular with kitesurfers and windsurfers, Cooden Beach is ideal for dogs, too. This long stretch of shingles provides endless opportunities for your pup to run, stretch and relax.

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