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At Finland's largest alpine ski resort, the winter season usually runs from October to May. The resort has 43 trails for beginners and advanced, with 230 km of cross-country trails suitable for both classic and freestyle skiing. Some cross-country trails are illuminated so that you can enjoy late-night skiing. There is a separate Kid's Land and Leevilandia for the children. Exploring the wonders of Lapland is a great way to swap skis for a while, go snowshoeing, or rent a mountain bike with extra-wide tires to enjoy winter mountain biking.

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Skiing in Scandinavia, Finland - Tahko


Finland's fourth largest ski resort is popular with locals and tourists. The downhill skiing season runs from November to April. The ski resort has a total of 24 ski slopes of varying degrees of difficulty, snowboarding and cross-country skiing.

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Skiing in Scandinavia, Finland - Salla


The ski resort is compact and varied, with 15 ski slopes and a very well maintained 260 km long cross-country skiing network, which is why people come back here year after year. The 43 km long cross-country trails are illuminated, allowing you to go skiing in the late evening. You can come to Salla Ski Resort to enjoy the winter fun with your dog, as there is a special cross-country ski trails for your dog.

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Skiing in Finland, Himos


Himos Ski Resort is suitable for everyone and most importantly it is close by. There are ski slopes for beginners and advanced, slalom trails and a great selection of holiday homes.

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Skiing in Scandinavia, Finland - Saariselka


At the most northern ski resort in Europe, the season begins at the end of November. Here you can go downhill skiing, snowboarding, sledging, tubing or skating. When you go skiing, fatbikes can be ridden to admire the surrounding nature. The opportunities are also shorter snowshoeing in the woods near the ski resort.

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