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Traveling by motorhome

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Tips for planning a camper trip

Experienced travelers and camper rental experts say that people want freedom, space and avoid unnecessary contact with other holidaymakers when traveling. While traveling in such a vehicle, holidaymakers can enjoy all the comforts of the hotel - shower, toilet, kitchen, comfortable bed, gas heating and thus the abundance of places visited during the trip. For those in a hurry to load things and fly on a trip, campers are advised to take a closer look at this way of traveling.

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A pocket-friendly way to travel

Experienced travelers are advised to think ahead and prepare for the trip. Websites for camper travelers only are perfect for this. You can find not only European countries, but also countries from all over the world, their maps with coordinates, places to stand and how much it costs. People share descriptions, photos. Comments from other travelers will help you get a better view of what awaits you in different places.

Travelers say this type of travel saves money, but preparation needs to be done for that to happen. For example, you can save a lot of money by cooking yourself - all you have to do is take care of the ingredients.

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Trips should be planned in advance

Are you planning to rent a camper? Then it would be worthwhile to start planning the trip in early spring - experts advise. The summer season is the most popular time to travel, so booking a camper can be more difficult. When going on a holiday with a camper, be sure to evaluate its size, take into account how many people will go on the trip. Note that often campers adapted to a larger number of people are the same size as smaller ones, but their layout varies.

It is also important to think about the route - your goal is not to drive as many kilometers as possible. Choose scenic routes and allow yourself to stop and admire. Experts advise setting a target of no more than 500 km per day.

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A way to save time

To save time, travelers choose a combined mode of travel: camper and ferry. This avoids long motorway journeys to your destination. You can take the DFDS ferries to Germany or Sweden in just one night, and continue your camper trip to Western Europe or Scandinavia.

This will save not only time - you would spend driving on long highways, but also effort. On the ferries you will have a great rest, fall asleep and continue your journey after breakfast.

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